What if you had a superpower, and it was a bad one. It’s not like you were a bad guy or villain, but the power just sucked. Like you grew a third hand out of your forehead. That is some of the stuff we talk about with Jeramiah Johnston from Final Thoughts Tattoo.

There are more serious things to talk about too. We learn about how Jeramiah’s love of ink started. We talk about style and inspiration in all its variations. Naruto is huge for Jeramiah. It is inked on his skin. He paints it on canvas. Therefore, we have to speak at length on the subject.

Jeramiah’s life is all about tattoos. He’s always looking at different styles, techniques, or technology. Like most artists, he’s always looking at ways to challenge himself.

We also talk about what to expect when getting some ink from him. How the process of getting a tattoo works. Yes, he would stop you from doing a very bad tattoo. Jokes aside, it’s all about getting the right vibe. People’s personalities and art styles must mesh with his own.

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