This is a very special episdoe of the Comix Zone. It is our first-anniversary show. Mike and Bill take a moment to reflect on 62 episodes (including Draggin’ Deez Balls,) 3300 downloads, and new connections in our growing community of nerds. Thanks to all of you for listening.

Then we continue and talk about one of our favorite horror comics, The Silver Coin.

Each book is a different story by a top-notch writer about a cursed coin. The coin changes owners in each book. The coin rewards the carrier for their vice, and terrible things happen.

Diving deep into the comic from Image, we look into the mythology and the few themes throughout the series. There are a few characters in particular. Besides the coin, we have the witch Rebekah Goode and her crow Duncan, and then we have the puritan Cotton Dudley.

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