We don’t need a hero. Superman is a lie. Bring forth the antihero. In this episdoe of the Comix Zone Podcast, we talk about the best ingredient to any fictional story, the antihero. It’s a deep and enriching conversation with Mike, Bill, and Ted.

Deadpool might be the biggest antihero at the moment. His popularity is everywhere, but he was in no way the original. The flawed hero goes back to the stories of Beowulf and Othello. Heros were gods and often unrelatable. Once humankind realized that monsters didn’t have fangs but lived inside us, the flawed hero or antihero was born.

What is an antihero? They are not the story’s antagonists but the story’s main protagonists. They are flawed and often downright DGAF. They are usually good people, but laws and morals are often broken. Other times they start off as “bad” guys and then show a glimmer of goodness. You can find them in comedies, action, thrillers, science fiction, and even romance and musicals.

MasterClass.com lists the three types of Antiheroes found in movies and literature. We use this as our lens to view the wide range of characters considered antiheroes.

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