It is time to talk about Thor: Love and Thunder. There is no way to avoid the goats in the room. What a mixed bag of opinions this show is going to be. There will be spoilers. Mike and Bill are joined by Chelsea and Noelle to talk about the movie. In a nutshell, the comedy was great. It was both the best and the worst part of the movie.

We all wanted more Gorr and a little more substance. It would have been nice to see Jane Foster turn into Thor. Instead, we got goats. Which, we all find absolutely hilarious.

Chelsea is the most outspoken about her disappointment. She and Bill both adore the God Butcher and God Bomb storylines from Jason Aaron, and that’s not what we got with Love and Thunder.

Even with all the disappointments, most of us agree it was a good movie. Although, was it a good Comic Movie? That is arguable. What are we going to expect to see from the MCU in the future? We discuss this in this episode.

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