We get our game on in this episode of the Comix Zone Podcast. Ben Ledford joins us to talk about his love of Necromunda. The game is in the Warhammer universe of role-playing games. It is like Dungeons & Dragons meets Gears of War. It plays much like a first-person shooter but in a very D&D way. There is a complex system of rules. Ben goes over the basics and we play a simplified battle.

It uses a game board that includes bunkers, terrain, and many 3D aspects to enhance gameplay. Plus small figurines for the player’s gang. All of which Ben assembled and painted by hand.

The pandemic gave Ben plenty of time to work on his craft. The company that makes the game, like so many during the pandemic, had production issues. Along with toilet paper, the pieces to make the game board were not available. This made Ben creative. He found ways to make his own world for Necromunda. He went through a few evolutions of his models from reusing scraps of plastic and even dirt he found around town.

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