Aaron Lowman joins the show, and we talk about everything nerd. Will the new Morbius movie have Blade? We talk about the new comics we have been reading like She-Hulk Venom, Power Rangers, Transformers, and X Lives of Wolverine. From the Book of Boba Fet, Peacemaker, to Spider-Man we talk about the abundance of geekdome that betrothed us.

With the recent passing on Ann Rice, we talk vampires and immortality. We draw some parallels from the Vampier Chronicles to BRZRKR. Plus other comics that deal with immorality from the villainy of Omni-Man in Invincible to the personification of Death in The Many Deaths of Lalia Star.

Yes, it does get deep, but we’re not that serious. Unless you are questioning our commitment to being a nerd.

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