Sometimes life’s biggest obstacles bring out the greatest rewards. It is only through challenges that we are able to grow and that is the story Ty Canning brings to this episode. He was in the boxing ring with a contender who outsized him. He rips his bicep. He realized, it is now or never. Squares up and knocks the appointment out winning the match. Challenge, opportunity, followed by success in spite of the pain and challenges before him. This is what led Ty to become a motivational speaker and author.

On Check This Sh#%t Out, we continued to get pummeled by more and more streaming options like the new season of Umbrella Academy. Plus Bill is so, so excited about the new Sandman series. On the video game front, Mike is excited to play Overwatch 2 which is releasing soon. In comics, the flagship Batman comic book is going to be written by Chip Zdarsky. The interesting twist he will also be writing Daredevil.

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