Join us to experience the 2022 Casper Comic Con. Mike and Bill tell the story of this event by chatting with cosplayers, vendors, and anyone who would sit down and talk on the podcast.

We are also excited to get a sneak peek into Inside the Ant Hill. Sarge comes on the podcast to talk about this idea. At its core, it is a community of nerds and creative types to have a common place to collaborate. You often see just the string of ants, but there is so much more going on inside the ant hill.

Then a group of 9-year-olds takes over the podcast. It is pure madness in this episode. You will love it.

Vince and Chelsea stop by for a spell. They tease their upcoming new podcast Dragon’ Deez Balls.

We meet the Three Wheel Bicycle Podcast and talk about their art.

If you weren’t at the Comic Con, I’m sure there is something new here. If you didn’t attend, we have some cool stuff to talk about on this GIANT-SIZED episode.

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