It is a double-sized show with Mike, Bill, Chelsea, and Scott. First, we dive into all the news coming from the San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Marvel has released a blitzkrieg of new releases both streaming and on the big screen. Most of the announcements are nothing too surprising, yet it is nice to see they are official. Such as Fantastic 4, The Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars are all coming in the next few years. And what about DC … We get Neil Gaiman’s Sandman on Netflix. Plus us nerds are getting lots and lots of dragons.

Speaking of dragons, the first glimpses of the new Lord of the Rings series are here. The Rings of Power release on September 5, 2022, on Prime Video. Therefore, we thought a quest was in order. Our mage for this venture is our resident philosopher and all-around smart dude, Scott. Like a somewhat unwilling group of hobbits, we travel the roads before us facing adventure.

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