Throughout the pandemic, Justin Hosey, Business Support Manager for WyoMovies, was a witness to a changing industry. No new releases hitting the big screen during the pandemic. The motion picture companies started releasing new movies straight to video-on-demand. WyoMovies temporarily closed its doors in March of 2020. As we all know, business and life as we knew it shut down. We all hit the big pause button … except for the bill collector.

Life is slowly resuming for Wyoming. Our conversation drifts to the nerdy quickly.

For Justin, it is the art of the movie that is his passion. The memories and the movie theater experience. That tub of popcorn and company of good friends.

We all have to debate and theorize about the MCU, and why can’t DC get it together for the long game.

Then we talk about all the phenomenal movies that will hit the big screen in 2022. Dude … Spider-Man, Batman, Flash, Morbius, Mission Impossible, and Top Gun!

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