Lightning strikes as we begin this quest towards Thor Love and Thunder. After watching the trailer, we predict, wish, and hope. Chelsea joins Mike and Bill on this epic breakdown. She is hoping we get the big-screen return of Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Bill wants to see Knull at a forge creating the ALL BLACK. What better way to bring Venom into the MCU. Mike wants to see the Valkyrie kick ass and get the time they deserve. We all want to see Thor struggle and then return to throttle his adversaries. Pound them into dust. Then drink a lot.

Looking at the trailer, we examine what is not there. Besides Jane Foster as Thor. Marvel left a lot of mystery. IMDb confirms that the villain will be Gorr, but he is absent from the trailer. There are scenes where someone is obviously photoshopped out. (Chelsea thinks it’s Loki.) The dead dragon-like mountain in the snow is a page directly from the comics. It’s a dead god. A lot of the hints all point to Jason Aaron’s “Thor: God of Thunder.”

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